Awaken BodyTalk

What is BodyTalk

BodyTalk is a state-of-the-art approach to integrative mind/body medicine by combining Western medicine's scientifically supported research in the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, and psychoneuroimmunology along with a large number of highly recognized ancient and modern healing methods and principles of knowledge, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, yoga and meditation philosophies, Chiropractic, consciousness studies and Energy Psychology.

BodyTalk is based on the principle that the body is capable of healing itself at all levels - as evidenced by the healing process that is automatically initiated when a person cuts a finger or twists an ankle.  This automatic, self-guided healing process is part of the body's inborn intelligence, or the "innate wisdom" of the body, as we refer to it in BodyTalk.  The innate wisdom guides the overall functioning of the bodymind complex, synchronizes all the activities as well as maintains balance, or homeostasis, within the entire bodymind complex.

Stress has a profound effect on the body and its ability to heal and function at an optimal level.  When an individual experiences ongoing stress, it can overload the energetic circuits of the body, causing them to fail or be severely compromised. This is just like plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home. You have a blown a fuse and must go re-set it.  If the body has become too stressed in back-up circuits to reset the fuse, it is forced to continue to function in a less than ideal state.  This ultimately leads to degeneration and/or illness and pain in the body, a sign that is "falling behind" in the healing process.

BodyTalk specifically helps by "re-setting" the "blown" energetic circuits - so that efficient communication can be re-established in a quick and effective way, which then allows the body to very quickly recover and "catch up" in the healing process.  This is witnessed in how quickly symptoms disappear and function returns, often within just one or two BodyTalk sessions.

Just as the body heals a wound with a particular sequence of bio-chemical, physical, and energetic responses, the body addresses *all* healing in a certain order.  This concept of ideal "sequence" is *vital* in the BodyTalk balancing process to encourage the body's ability to heal itself by the fastest means possible.

The BodyTalk Practitioner relies on the guidance of the body's natural wisdom to not only *locate* the weakened or broken lines of communication (and establish how to re-connect them) but also to find the proper *order* in which they are to be restored. This is accomplished through a form of nueromuscular biofeedback, by which the practitioner is able to follow the elaborate BodyTalk protocol of asking the yes-or-no questions and receive the answers directly through "innate wisdom" about the exact sequence for re-establishing these lines of communication.  The speed, and lasting effectiveness of this approach has quickly made BodyTalk the fastest-growing health care modality on the planet.  And most *anyone* can learn how to do this!!  The International BodyTalk Association (IBA) website has a search feature for practitioners and courses in 50 countries and counting. Visit or to locate this information.
Standard Investments*

1 AdvCBP BodyTalk session: $95
Pre-pay 3-session Package: $265
Pre-pay 10-session Package: $800
Teen under 18: $85 (3-pack $240)
Child under 13: $80 (3-pack:$225)
Child under  5:  $60 (3-pack $165)
Whole-family packages: Inquire
Referral Credit: $20 (unlimited) as 
each new referral comes in for first BodyTalk appointment.

One-time initial intake fee is $45.

* * * The SWIRL - To Donate Advanced-BodyTalk Forward!
This idea was birthed in October, 2015, after the adult children of a dear elderly man whom I had been gifting BodyTalk sessions in hospice, out of generosity and sincere gratitude for their father's deeply improved quality of life during his final weeks, decided to name "Awaken BodyTalk" as a recipient for memorial donations when their father passed. The amount that came in not only covered the BodyTalk sessions I had facilitated for their father, but there was "extra" with a request that I continue paying BodyTalk "forward" in the community.  Very shortly afterward, another individual gifted me with a very generous amount as well, and I also had a record week in "tips"! Rather than just making a (happy) bank deposit and calling that "the end" to this amazing equation of generosity, I decided instead to fashion a SWIRL! :) I tallied it all together and claimed it as "pre-payment" for the next individuals with serious health issues who were seeking advanced BodyTalk work but whose financial circumstances made it extremely difficult to pay "out of pocket" for holistic health care.  Individuals who fit the bill (literally having to choose between holistic health care and groceries) spontaneously presented themselves to me -  almost immediately!! And I was so thrilled to inform them that others in the community had already "given extra" to help cover the cost of the advanced BodyTalk work they knew they'd benefit from.  How grateful each individual was...that others in the community had "given extra"!!  Would you lke to be part of this on-going SWIRL of generosity and energy exchange?  If so, just send a paypal or check to Awaken BodyTalk with SWIRL in the memo space!  It will get tallied to help me keep the energy boosted and circulating, and may the positive ripples expand in all directions in our community, and may the generosity of SWIRL-contributors come back to you all many-fold and in many positive ways! :)