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BodyTalk events in Missouri/Sioux Falls
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Open BodyTalk Access Group-Tap Events
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Bi-Montly at 10am on the 1st or 2nd Saturdays of each month
and  at 6:45pm on the 3rd or 4th Thursday of each month 
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(Exact Event DATES Circled. Please RSVP to Tracy Saboe.)
For many people, the benefits of BodyTalk are not believable until they are directly experienced.  These events are Info-Hours, free of charge, where participants directly experience the shifts at the most basic level of BodyTalk: "BodyTalk ACCESS". BodyTalk ACCESS is a wellness routine of light touch and gentle tapping that does *wonders* to reduce pain and stress while enhancing relaxation, health, and Joy.  The following link explains some of the many benefits of the BodyTalk Access wellness routine!   In brief, BodyTalk Access helps reconnect the most commonly-blown communication-circuits in the current human population.  These circuits are restored in a set sequence, in a general way, without the "tapper" having to rely on individualized muscle-checking.  The routine is something I use for myself daily (right before getting in my morning Vipassana practice ;) ), to promote an experience of harmony and equanimity within that deepens each and every day!  The BodyTalk Access routine is currently taught in a 6.5-hour class by 284 BodyTalk Access Trainers in 52 countries worldwide to date (as of me updating this website.)  At The Sanctuary in Sioux Falls, these local bi-monthly FREE gatherings are open to any local graduates of previously held Access classes, *and* they are open to guests who'd like to experience the benefits of BodyTalk Access right along with us as we tap.  The benefits of BodyTalk Access are actually magnified while tapping in a group, so those who come to "give" end up "receiving" as well!  I had been facilitating these events for almost 5 years before relocating to the ecovillage in Missouri, and I am SO THRILLED that Tracy Saboe has been continuing this tradition!   Tracy concludes each BodyTalk Access event with a FREE drawing for an individualized BodyTalk demo-session, so everyone can "hear" the language of health of the BodyTalk protocol and "witness" how the subtle-biofeedback-muscle-checking works to communicate with the innate intelligence of the body!  When practitioners-in-training are present and wanting to offer practice sessions afterward, anyone may stay later to receive/observe more practice-BodyTalk sessions - a delightful and mutually beneficial experience all around.  Contact Tracy at for more information.

BodyTalk Booth at
2019 Community Roots Festival
Saturday, Aug 24, 2019
Kirksville, MO

  • Harrison and Elson Street on the downtown square 
  • The Community Roots Festival is a FREE annual community festival in celebration of local food, sustainability, fun, and community!  Visitors can participate in interactive workshops around local eating, food production, and gift economy.  They can enjoy live entertainment, take part in a yoga-thon, play in the extensive kids area, which will include face painting, games, crafts, and more!  There will also be a Farmers and Exhibitor area with area vendors showcasing their local produce, artisan crafts, and sustainable or handmade products.  Visitors can sample and purchase items from vendors, while enjoying food from Take Root Cafe or a Missouri beer from the beer garden.
  • Visit Angela's BodyTalk Booth for a relaxing Cortices balancing, or reserve a slot for a specially-priced Access balancing or 1-on-1  BodyTalk mini-session!
BodyTalk Access Workshop 
Saturday, Aug 17, 2019
Sioux Falls, SD
Earlybird Special July 17: $150

Cost includes 30+ page full-color manual and nourishing snacks at mid-morning and mid-afternoon
  • LOCATION: Kosha Yoga, 3612 S Southeastern Ave, Sioux Falls, SD 57103
  • INSTRUCTOR: Angela K Johnson, BAT, AdvCBP
  • COORDINATOR: Tracy Saboe, CBP (605)370-3205 /
  • NOTE: Monitors from previous BodyTalk Access classes, you are welcome to register at a special price to renew your vitality in the powerful class energy, refresh your skills, and deepen your commitment to your path of health empowerment.  Join for $75 HERE, or, join for FREE when you refer a New Student to this class! (Still do Step 1 and Step 2 below - just send $75, and, for a free seat, confirm with the coordinator that your referral has pre-registered.)
  • REGISTRATION: Two-Steps to reserve your seat: (1) Pre-register Here  (2) Pre-pay HERE ($150 by July 17, $175 after that, or $75 for monitors)  Anyone may alternatively arrange with Tracy Saboe, CBP and Class Coordinator, to pre-pay with Cash/Check
  • THANK YOU to all who contribute to communities of wellness. Let me know if there is a group of people special to your heart where you would like me to teach these powerful, life-enhancing skills!