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What is a BodyTalk Access Class?
UPDATE: Join me ONLINE via ZOOM for 2-afternoons accessing and traversing your own map to neural circuitry of DEEP, embodied potential for mind-care / health-care at your *own* fingertips.  Through July, 2020, the International BodyTalk Association has approved ONLINE-protocols for myself and other BodyTalk Access Trainers worldwide to lead highly interactive, small-sized BodyTalk "Access" classes with LIVE-Video-Participation only. (Class recordings will not be available.)Scroll down for the white-highlighted dates that I'm offering approved classes on ZOOM, and what the ZOOM-class packages all include. 

Imagine taking and compiling the notes of tens of thousands of basic BodyTalk sessions with the aim of identifying patterns of commonly-blown "energetic circuits" in the bodyminds of the current human population across dozens of countries.  And then adapting those techniques to be user-friendly for the layperson as a form of self-care --- both preventatively and restoratively...

Enter the 5 "BodyTalk Access" techniques, which were unveiled by the International BodyTalk Association in 2005. 
As of Spring of 2020, there are now 290 Certified BodyTalk Access Trainers teaching these 5 techniques in standardized "BodyTalk Access" classes in 58 countries worldwide - providing laypeople with a Healthcare Toolkit at their Fingertips - that is available with us wherever we go, literally.

Once the "consciousness-based focus" and the hand-positions of each technique learned (done in the course of One Day!), the whole routine can be tapped on the self or a loved one in 10 minutes time, with significant immediate and cumulative benefits.

Come learn 5 power-packed BodyTalk techniques that together provide a massive jump-start to your bodymind's natural capacity to restore and improve all levels of physical and emotional health -- right at your own fingertips for the rest of your life.  You can even tap these techniques on family and friends who need support.  These specific sequences address the most commonly-blown energetic circuits with the farthest-reaching physical/emotional health impacts on the human bodymind at this time.

Learn in One Day, Use for an Entire Lifetime.

NOTE: The far-reaching benefits of the BodyTalk Access techniques are not intended to replace the benefits required from nutrition, sleep, hydration, meditation, meaningful connections with others, 1-on-1 individualized health/wellness sessions, or *common sense*...YET, one of the most common reports back from BodyTalk Access graduates is that adding BodyTalk Access has been like adding the "missing piece" that allows the full benefits of all of their other health and wellness efforts to finally come together (e.g., the excess weight finally melts off after months of trying to eat healthy, mystery digestive system inflammation finally clears up after trying a dozen different dietary improvements, joints finally mobilize after months of physical therapy, the happiness set-point finally goes up after months of working on affirmations, etc) This is what happens when we work with the bodymind from the *inside*, too - not just from the outside.

Most Common "Immediate" Benefits (same day of class):
Calm Mind
Mental Clarity
Improved Attention
Easier Digestion
Reduced Inflammation in previously inflamed areas
Notable, significant reduction of pain in previously painful areas (often complete elimination of pain)
Better Coordination and Balance
Increased Flexibility
Decreased Muscle-Tension in many areas
Taller / Healthier Posture
Sleep Better

Most Common Cumulative Benefits (30 days consistent):
Generally less stress overall
Better memory
Much more efficient immune system (not catching colds/flu's even when "exposed", etc)
Better digestion
Overall sense of well-being
Significant, steady improvement in all joints - mobility, stability and strength
Significant reduction in previous pain, faster recovery from injuries

Most Common Longer-Term Benefits (90+ days consistent):
Preventing other health issues / Reduced medical bills
Many food, skin and inhalant sensitivities / allergies disappearing
Robust Immune System - no longer afraid of "catching illnesses" due to consistent, reliable immune system efficiency
Fewer injuries (better balance/coordination/joint strength) and extremely rapid recovery if they happen
Improved Family Dynamics (less household stress)
Improved friend and co-worker dynamics (happiness is contagious)
More connected to own intuition
Naturally drawn to more nourishing habits and less attracted to unhealthy habits

Learn more about BodyTalk Access

How I came across it, the impacts on "me and mine", and why I am so passionate to keep teaching...
Visit the International BodyTalk Association for MORE INFORMATION about the BodyTalk Access routine.

BodyTalk Access
(Full Package Description Below)
Registration to also support Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage's
Educational Non-Profit

Sat & Sun, Aug 1-2  (2pm-5:45pm)
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Sat & Sun, Aug 22-23 (2pm-5:45pm)
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ZOOM-BodyTalk Access package includes:
  • LIVE-video interactive class
  • Learn and practice all 5 BodyTalk Access techniques for yourself
  • Learn and practice tapping 5 BodyTalk Access for loved ones remotely
  • SMALL class size to ensure quality transmission of skills to each participant
  • Monitored practice-time for quality feedback
  • 30+ full-page color course review-manual & graduation certificate mailed to your home
  • POST-Class: Two 45-min weekly *small* ZOOM group-video calls with instructor and fellow new-students for powerful group-tap plus Q&A to support your integration.
  • POST-Class: Inclusion in weekly Live-ZOOM circles with all of my BodyTalk Access grads - for fluid combination of Access group-tapping with Qi Gong, embodiment practices and other energy modalities for powerful coherence and attunement for inner healing as well as offering our grounded, stable nervous systems in service to global coherence and healing.
  • POST-Class: Complimentary seat to enjoy an in-person experience at a future BodyTalk Access class when your BodyTalk Access experience inspires 2 new students to a future ZOOM-class with me. (Or 50% reduction in price if you refer 1 new student!)
  • POST-Class: $30 credits toward 1-on-1 work with me, per new student referral to a ZOOM-BodyTalk Access class
  • Access to Private Facebook Group for quick Q&A responses, empowerment, cheering and ongoing support, specifically for BodyTalk Access graduates in allowing their own lives to continually and exponentially upgrade as well as deepen remote-healing skills learned in class

BodyTalk Access at
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage:
Friday, July 31 (9am-5pm)
Earlybird July 19 (Save $25)
  • LOCATION: Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, "La Casa De Cultura" (yellow building), 1 Dancing Rabbit Lane, Rutledge, MO, 63563
  • INSTRUCTOR: Angela K Johnson, BodyTalk Access Trainer & Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
  • COORDINATOR CONTACT: Angela K Johnson, local instructor, (660)956-6536
  • NOTE: Monitors (students from previously held BodyTalk Access workshops), you are welcome to register at a special price to renew your vitality in the powerful class energy, refresh your skills, learn any updates to this always-evolving system, and deepen your commitment to your health empowerment and emotional liberation. Join with $100 off (eligible for Earlybird as well) or, join for FREE when you refer a New Student Earlybird to this class!  (Follow Step 1 and Step 2 below, selecting the $75 option, OR, for your FREE seat, follow Step 1 and then confirm with the coordinator that your New Student Earlybird referral has completed registration.)
  • REGISTRATION: Two-steps to secure your seat: (1) Pre-Register HERE (select appropriate class) and then (2) Pre-Pay using this Secure Paypal link HERE (If you prefer the link over the shopping cart, just type right over the Zero's: $175 Earlybird Special. $200 after that.  CARPOOL SPECIALS will get refunded $10 per student in your vehicle! (Vehicle of 4 = 4 students each get $40 credit.) 
  • I extend my sincere appreciation to all who hold the vision with me for true wellness and emotional liberation for your community.  Let me know if there is a group of people special to your heart where you would like me to teach these incredibly empowering, life-enhancing skills toward self-mastery.
BodyTalk Access Workshop
Take Root Cafe - upstairs conference room
Kirksville, MO
New Students: $200
2-week Earlybird Special: $175
New-Student-Study-Buddy-Special: Take $10 Off (Let coordinator know at time of pre-registration of your Study-Buddy, to get the discount or credit)
Monitors (returning students): $75
(Monitors are Free with a New Student Referral)
Cost includes 30+page full-color course-manual, graduation certificate, mid-afternoon snacks & two weekly 45-Live-ZOOM group-video calls to support integration
More Info HERE on Facebook -- Spread the word with me!

Location: Take Root Cafe, 114 Harrison St, Kirksville, MO 63501
Instructor: Angela K Johnson, BodyTalk Access Trainer & Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioner
Coordinator Contact: (660)-956-6536
Registration: 2 steps to secure your seat: (1) Pre-register here and then (2) Pay by Paypal here.  (Minimum Seat Deposit of $75 is due by Earlybird Date, to ensure a course-manual is ordered for you, and the $125 remainder is due by class.)
I want to offer a blessing of sincere appreciation for all who are holding the vision with me and taking action-steps toward communities of true wellness, compassion and emotional liberation. Is there a group of people close to your heart where you would like me to teach these incredibly empowering, life-enhancing skills toward self-mastery? Ask and you shall receive.