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After experiencing BodyTalk sessions with Angela:
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"When I was involved in a car accident, leaving me with significant back and hip pain, my first thought was that BodyTalk was what I needed to begin healing.  After my first session with Angela, I was aware of connections of energy working to create a healing environment.  Within two days, I had nearly normal range of motion.  As Angela and I worked together during subsequent sessions, I was struck by the amount of information that Angela was able to discern - issues that were caused by the accident and issues that had settled into my body over the years.  I felt such peace and connection as Angela facilitated the healing that my body had indicated was needed." ~ Kim

" At the time I began seeing Angela, I had lots of pain around my shoulder from a very small tear in my glenoid labrum, causing pain in my neck and shoulder blade on the same side as the injury, and tension around the other shoulder as well, tension in both areas (neck and shoulders), all acting as triggers for migraine headaches.  Mostly concerned with my shoulder and digestion, my neck coming into better alignment was really a bonus!  I could feel my neck getting better and better every time I tapped Cortices.  And now I haven't had a migraine headache in a year (!) and haven't felt the urge to "pop" or "crack" (ugh!!) my neck in 1.5 years.... I am so happy and grateful to have BodyTalk in my life." ~ Sheila

"Angela, I am so glad I've been having BodyTalk sessions with you. I'm the least stressed I've EVER been visiting home. I'm actually finding dad's obsessive compulsiveness somewhat humorous instead of intolerable. Thx so much!" ~ Angela

"Wow! I am so grateful I went to the BodyTalk Access class on January 10, 2015, and that I walked into your office on Feb 6, 2015, for my first session.  My life and my whole being have forever changed.  I can't find the words that fully express my gratitude!" - Patti

"There is no magic. BodyTalk makes sense as a way to connect all the dots toward a healthy journey - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Angela is truly a gifted healer and a ray of pure joy and light." ~ Sara

"I was introduced to BodyTalk in April of 2013. I have found BodyTalk to be one of the most efficient and effective holistic healing modalities I have experienced. Angela's unique ability to listen to my body's innate wisdom, coupled with the BodyTalk protocol, has resulted in extensive healing at very deep levels in my emotional, spiritual and physical body." ~ Lori

"Hi Ang, I wanted to tell you that you are so nice. That painful muscle-cramping that used to come and go in my calves for over 20 years (especially BAD the last 2 years)... it vanished completely after our 2nd BodyTalk session!  Has not returned for 1 second since.  And the nerve pain in my fingers is 60% gone.  Looking forward to more work with you.  I am the most relaxed I've felt my whole life.  I fall asleep now so easily. Thank you." ~ Frank

"Awesome!  Thank you so much! Love how much lighter I'm feeling. Seriously just amazing and love it!" ~ Trisha

BodyTalk is a fabulous modern way of healing. Even though I have a regular routine with modern medical practices for wellness health, I have adopted a regular routine with Angela and the BodyTalk program. I believe that our bodies hold the truth - of what our stresses, hopes, beliefs, and a whole bunch of unconscious things that cause Dis-ease. Through regular BodyTalk sessions, I have been able to uncover “issues” and take responsibility of my life and my body’s dis-eases. My body is becoming healthier. I am learning to live a happier life. And most of all, my body tells me how to help myself.   Angela’s is a wonder facilitator and a guide on my journey to a life of wellness." ~ Susie

"Angela, it appears to me that the work you did yesterday, having to do with urinary frequency, has worked wonderfully.  A 4-hour stint driving home, no problems; 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, no problems; and now 4 hours of uninterrupted work this morning, and only needed to use the bathroom (no urgency!) when we had finished!" ~ Charles

"I would also like to add, BodyTalk sessions for me while I was pregnant, and for my baby in utero, were interesting and beneficial as well.  I now take my baby for BodyTalk sessions and tap her Cortices a few times a day.  So far, every time she has been crying before her 7-10pm sleep time, she is asleep by the time I am through tapping her Cortices!" ~ Sheila

"POOP REPORT: You wanted to know, so here goes! [Bowels moved] Every day since Wednesday! Every day a bit more.  That's enough details. I'm feeling more whole every day.  Doing the full Access routine every day.  I'm using applied kinesiology to help choose when to use probiotics.  Thank you so much for your support in getting this body back to where it feels happy again....You are a true gem!  I'm so happy to spread the word about BodyTalk.  It works!" ~ Kim

"I AM in bliss! BodyTalk has been an amazing blessing, that's all I can think of to say." ~ Crystal

"Hello my dear Angela! I was breathing free within 3 days of our last session and tomorrow morning two weeks no smoking, no problem! Another amazing journey in my life! Thank you! ~ Patti

"Saw eye doc this a.m. - amazed at how fast am healing...I attribute it to our session yesterday after my operation.  You can tell you class!" - Marianna

"Oh my...thank you Angela! You have set so many of my family members free! Thank you! (prayer emoticon) (heart)" ~ Patti

"Hey Angela...I hope you're having a ridiculously amazing day! This has been the coolest integration ever! I have literally seen parts of me that were hidden or banished show themselves and come back into me! I have been experiencing more loving of self and loved by self than ever before and it is translating into upgrades in mindsets and beliefs. Just thought you'd like to hear how my journey is moving. Love and Light" ~ Allen

"Emotionally I feel like I'm in that feel good space of just having a good cry -- but without needing to cry to get there. Our session Wed was profound." ~ Tracy

From folks who learned this 2-min Cortices technique:
(See demo-video above and tap along on yourself for benefits)

"I have been doing the Cortices. I haven't been as good at doing it everyday like I should. But I have noticed that on days that I do it, my tingling is much less." ~ Young woman recently diagnosed with MS, who attended a Group-Tap

"My dad started doing it [Cortices] daily, even a few times a day I think, and he had a health assessment for work, and his blood pressure was the lowest it had ever been.  He's been on blood pressure medicine for years.  The nurse that gives that assessment was like, 'Are you even the same guy?' I thought that was pretty amazing." ~ Attendee of a Bi-monthly Access Group-Tap  (Note: this man has not even received a BodyTalk session nor has he even attended a free group-tap --- he just learned Cortices from his daughter!)

Dad has had a huge improvement with his knee.  He's had a number of knee surgeries starting in high school.  With his particularly bad knee, he couldn't bend it in the morning to even put on a pair of jeans.  Ever since balancing his Cortices, it has gotten a lot better.  In the morning he isn't hobbling around...and the chronic swelling he had is almost non existent.  He keeps asking me 'How is this happening? I don't get it!' He used to not be able to bend his knee to lift his foot past his calf on the opposite leg and the other day he was like, '....ook at this!' and lifted his foot to the counter top in the kitchen and looked amazed.  I started laughing and said, "I told you it's no joke."
 ~ Attendee of a Bi-monthly Access Group-Tap  (Note: this man has not even received a BodyTalk session nor has he even attended a free group-tap --- he just learned Cortices from his daughter!)

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