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Remote-sessions by Phone: (605)681-6984
In-person sessions at Dancing Rabbit:
Awaken BodyTalk
Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
1 Dancing Rabbit Ln Unit 1
Rutledge, MO 63563

Current Investment Packages (Specials thru Dec 31)
Initial Intake/Treatment Appt (2-hours): $175
3-Pack AdvBodyTalk / Somatic Coaching:$360
10-Pack AdvBodyTalk/Somatic Coaching:$1111
YOUTH-Packages (Add Initial Intake Fee $45)
Teens under 18 ($95 or 3-pack: $265)
Child under 13 ($80 or 3-pack: $225)
Child under 5 ($75 or 3-pack: $210)
Double-Bounce-BOOST (w/guided audio): $250
NINE-Pack Advanced BodyTalk Stock-Up:$888
Liberation Empowerment Mentorship: $777
Specials Through Dec 31

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NOTE: ALL currently posted 1-on-1 Advanced BodyTalk & Somatic Coaching Packages are SPECIAL PRICES available until Dec 31. (See What Is BodyTalk Page for full details on offerings).  From Jan 1-12, I will be attending a Vipassana Meditation Retreat (no electronics). All 1-on-1 packages (Holiday Specials & Standard Investments) unavailable after Dec 31. 
My 1-on-1 offerings will be completely revamped for 2020 and will be posted around Jan 23. :)  SUPER excited. AND, if you are a *lover* of BodyTalk single-session or small-package BOOSTS, feel free to Stock-Up NOW if you feel so led.  Each package purchased by Dec 31 = $20 Gift-credit--toward-future-services.

To partner with me in transforming your "symptoms" into a "jump-start" for stepping into your full potential in ALL aspects of life, use this form or call or text: Angela Johnson at (660)956-6536.

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* * * The SWIRL - To Donate Advanced-BodyTalk Forward!
This idea was birthed in October, 2015, after the adult children of a dear elderly man whom I had been gifting BodyTalk sessions in hospice, out of generosity and sincere gratitude for their father's deeply improved quality of life during his final weeks, decided to name "Awaken BodyTalk" as a recipient for memorial donations when their father passed. The amount that came in not only covered the BodyTalk sessions I had facilitated for their father, but there was "extra" with a request that I continue paying BodyTalk "forward" in the community.  Very shortly afterward, another individual gifted me with a very generous amount as well, and I also had a record week in "tips"! Rather than just making a (happy) bank deposit and calling that "the end" to this amazing equation of generosity, I decided instead to fashion a SWIRL! :) I tallied it all together and claimed it as "pre-payment" for the next individuals with serious health issues who were seeking advanced BodyTalk work but whose financial circumstances made it extremely difficult to pay "out of pocket" for holistic health care.  Individuals who fit the bill (literally having to choose between holistic health care and groceries) spontaneously presented themselves to me -  almost immediately!! And I was so thrilled to inform them that others in the community had already "given extra" to help cover the cost of the advanced BodyTalk work they knew they'd benefit from.  How grateful each individual was...that others in the community had "given extra"!!  Would you lke to be part of this on-going SWIRL of generosity and energy exchange?  If so, just send a paypal or check to Awaken BodyTalk with SWIRL in the memo space!  It will get tallied to help me keep the energy boosted and circulating, and may the positive ripples expand in all directions in our community, and may the generosity of SWIRL-contributors come back to you all many-fold and in many positive ways! :)