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Are you tired of chasing your symptoms or backsliding on your goals in other aspects of your life? Are you ready instead to truly partner with the Innate Wisdom of your own body to locate, identify, untangle and address the underlying factors that are actually causing your symptoms or subconsciously sabotaging your efforts to move forward in other important areas of your life?

I am Angela K Johnson, a Love Activist, EmRes (Emotional Resolution) Practitioner, BodyTalk Access Trainer, Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Somatic Embodiment Transformational Coach.  I have been practicing BodyTalk full-time professionally since 2013, originally out of an office in Sioux Falls, SD, and now remotely and in-person at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage near Rutledge, MO.  The BodyTalk System is a health care modality that recognizes symptoms as messages, and taps into the body/mind's own innate wisdom and self-repair mechanisms.  This system utilizes a form of subtle biofeedback muscle-checking to navigate an elaborate protocol drawing on both eastern and western medicine concepts in a way that unleashes the power of structured intuition in service to radical efficiency in the healing process.  Using The BodyTalk System as both tool and toolbox to combine many powerful transformational modalities, I have been honored to help hundreds of clients gently yet effectively address:
  • Acne and other skin issues
  • Addictions (food, drugs, sex, shopping, etc)
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Allergies (respiratory, digestive, topical/skin, etc)
  • Anxiety
  • Arthritis
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Back/Neck Pain (including herniated disks)
  • Birth Trauma
  • Blocked Bowel
  • Body Image issues
  • Cancer (various types at various stages)
  • Childhood Aggression/Tantrums
  • Childhood Bed-wetting
  • Childhood emotional recovery from trauma
  • Depression
  • Digestive Issues (Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, Swallowing)
  • Improvement in Enthusiasm/Inspiration
  • Infections (Viral, Bacterial, Fungal/Candida)
  • Intuition Enhancement
  • Lyme's Disease
  • Menstrual Issues
  • Migraines
  • Physical Coordination & Posture issues
  • PTSD (birth trauma, child-abuse, war veteran, etc)
  • Pre- and Post- Surgical Procedures
  • Recovery from Stroke
  • Relationship Stress (self, family, work, neighbors)
  • Relocation-Related Stress
  • Resilience from prolonged exposure to work stress
  • Seizures
  • Self-Sabotage
  • Sinus issues
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Snoring / Sleep Apnea
  • Sports Performance
  • Stress Management
  • Suicidal Tendency
  • Weight issues

 ...And much more...

I am a Love Activist, meaning, my work is to more and more deeply activate the deeply felt and authentically lived sense of compassion, presence, wisdom, and spirit-led vitality within myself and others, in ways that inspire that same activation in ripple effects throughout all aspects and areas of our lives.  Love Activism is about taking a clear and powerful stand for a compassionate world, and that starts with cultivating presence and compassion for our inner world of sensations as we navigate our own emotional terrain.  Love Activism then challenges us to cultivate skillfulness in holding that presence and compassion while navigating the emotional terrain of our closest relationships, our face-to-face interactions in our communities, our screen-to-screen interactions in our virtual communities, and our remote energetic interactions with All beings on the Earth plane.  This is not about suppression or denial of "what's not appropriate" but about truly uncovering the blocks to authentic loving care for Self and All.  I am a commitment to the mastery of self-love and self-forgiveness that allows for the cultivation of the unconditional Presence that is being called for at this time in consciousness. I am a commitment to the cultivation of grounded intuition and creativity through the wisdom of navigating the sensations of one's own body as the safest, surest guiding light available on the planet at this time.  My deepest most passionate commitment is to this very cultivation of truly "partnering with the Higher Self" --- within myself and within all who are guided to work with me on their Highest Path to health and healing. Working with me - whether initially to "relieve your symptoms" or "adjust to a recent loss" or "make life meaningful again" - involves deepening first your connection to your Higher Self, which then allows that wisdom to literally reorganize the energetic communication pathways through all the levels of the bodymind (including the physical).  With that deepened connection to your Higher Self, we then observe how this gets reflected in the deepening and harmonizing of the relationships with the people closest to you (family, work, etc), and also how this gets reflected in your highest expression of your unique gifts through sacred service that uplifts and invigorates all involved.  And we do this together through the catapult-effect of co-creating tailor-made somatic embodiment practices that are revealed as we implement Advanced BodyTalk formulas.

My story with the BodyTalk System starts in 2011, when I experienced a complete reversal of a chronic, decade-long, debilitating low-back pain situation, literally overnight, after receiving BodyTalk practice-sessions outside on the grass from a "rookie" practitioner-in-training just a couple weeks after he took his first 4-day BodyTalk Fundamentals course. (He didn't even have the basic protocol chart memorized yet, and he looked up almost every technique that I muscle-checked for, in his manual!)  Prior to this experience, I literally had been a prisoner to constant back-pain, with regular severely painful spasms along with non-stop, restricted range-of-motion (aka, could not twist at all, forward bend, or even sit comfortably in a chair).  I had even recently had the horrible experience of maxing out insurance-covered chiropractic treatments one year.  By the time I received that "rookie" BodyTalk practice-session, my back-pain situation literally ruled my life, and I had a strict routine of being diligent about my physical therapy exercises, daily practice of modified "back care" yoga postures , strict anti-inflammatory diet, herbal support for adrenals, chakra meditations, and gratitude journaling.  What I hadn't done, as my BodyTalk practice-session revealed clearly, was process the trauma from a traumatic relationship from over a decade-earlier with my college-boyfriend. And through the simple implementation of the basic BodyTalk Protocol, a little of bit of tapping over my head and heart was all that my body needed to finally process that previously-buried emotional pain, right there on the spot, as I lay on the grass. And suddenly (finally) my body was able to truly "receive" and "integrate" the benefits of all of the other efforts I had been making for literally years, at the "physical" and "mental" levels.

It was barely one year between the time I first experienced the healing power of the BodyTalk System and the time I began training to become certified as a BodyTalk practitioner myself.  That year was filled with experiences of "waking up" and seeing others "wake up" to healing after receiving BodyTalk sessions. (Back pain, migraines, mystery rashes, tummy aches all reversing in a very short period of time.) Fast-forwarding... now after having a professional practice myself for over six and a half years...and having taken and tested over all of the core advanced modules to become certified as an Advanced-BodyTalk Practitioner (by 2015) and further training in adjunct BodyTalk trainings from the founder, Dr John Veltheim, as well as Dr Laura Stuve's BodyEcology and Epigenetics courses, and Kerry D'Ambrogio's Fascial Energetics and Orthopedic Evaluation after training and completing the certification to become an international BodyTalk Access Trainer to teach laypeople and health-professionals alike 5 of the most powerful, yet basic, BodyTalk techniques adapted for after teaching these incredible blessing-skills to dozens of students in the Sioux Falls and northeastern Missouri areas... my experience CONTINUES to be one of further Awakening.  BodyTalk has awakend within me a true paradigm shift regarding what is possible, what true healing is like (from the inside), and why we are here. And over this past year, I have followed my intuition into the earnest practice of Vipassana meditation and the study of the art of somatic awareness and embodiment coaching, training under the legendary Paul Linden, founder of the Being-In-Movement MindBody Education Awareness and Embodied Peacemaking, and also Richard Strozzi-Heckler, founder of the Strozzi Institute (both of whom are Aikido Masters of many decades).... and my BodyTalk practice and teaching have just been transformed exponentially.  (Not just my career, but all aspects of my relationships in life, including, especially, my relationship with my Higher Self.)  I love how the art of BodyTalk and Somatic Embodiment Transformational Coaching integrate so beautifully for such profound and empowering results at So.Many.Levels. I am truly in love with my incredibly rewarding and meaningful path.  Adding the powerful tool of EmRes (Emotional Resolution) has been a natural emergence of the icing on the cake - walking my clients back home to their own self-empowerment under even the most triggering of circumstances.

My strongest "identity" is currently as a "Love Activist".  (I actually "certified" in this, back in 2017, with another of my Beloved mentors, Heather Kristian Strang!)  And if you feel called to work with me, especially through the full-on Liberation Empowerment Mentorship Package, that I am still accepting a couple more openings with, you will soon come to remember, through your own embodied experience, what "Love Activism" truly is. :) 

For more on my personal journey with BodyTalk, see my "Bio Page" on the International BodyTalk Association's listing of practicing members and instructors.  It is my honor as an Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and BodyTalk Access Trainer to hold the space for deep and lasting healing to occur in individuals' lives, and to witness the shifts unfold and ripple in so many positive ways in all aspects of people's lives.  It has been an incredible, rewarding adventure to bring many individuals together in uncovering their own powerful skills by coordinating BodyTalk courses through the International BodyTalk Association.  Words do not even describe the amazing, heart-centered individuals that I have come to attract in all aspects of my life path since becoming involved in this modality, including the recent trainings I have embarked on with Vipassana meditation retreats, Being-In-Movement trainings with Paul Linden and Maud Raber, and intensives through Coaches Rising in collaboration with Strozzi Institute.

I am super excited to currently be living and practicing BodyTalk with Somatic Awareness Embodiment Coaching in a very special location in Northeastern Missouri, called Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage.  My daughters and I are literally immersed in a 20+ year living demonstration project for the cultivation of sustainability practices, taking place on 280 acres of the Dancing Rabbit Land Trust in conjunction with an education-based non-profit, The Center for Sustainable and Cooperative Culture.  Getting to experience this project beyond the weekly newsletters was a dream of mine over a decade ago when I first learned of it, but over 11 years of debilitating, painful low back issues that started when I was 19 prevented me from even trying to visit it back then.  But no longer.   :)  My low back has been not only pain-free for 7 years now (since first getting BodyTalk practice-sessions), but my entire spine is also stronger, more stable and more flexible than even when I was a teenager (since incorporating the 10-minute BodyTalk Access routine into my morning practice).  I literally ran a 5K Tough Mudder obstacle course this past spring, and I play on the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage ultimate frisbee team, sprinting all over the place, 2-3 days per week!   Since the very first BodyTalk class I took in 2012, I have had a vision of the whole of humanity stepping into its power to healing itself from the inside out - on all levels.  I have been holding the vision of (a) at least one BodyTalk Access Technician in every household- handling and preventing some 60%-80% of health care challenges  week to week in their own homes, and (b) at least one BodyTalk Practitioner-in-Training on every city block - able to at least muscle-check basic BodyTalk formulas and identify which of many Certified and Advanced-Certified BodyTalk Practitioners practicing WholeHealthcare full-time and other health care providers in the neighborhood that are best-matched for the job at hand.  Another part of my current mission is to also focus on getting this powerful system into the hands and hearts of the entire sustainable, intentional community sector, so that worries around health care concerns are no longer a deterrent for so many people who would otherwise choose to live at a place like Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage or any one of the many intentional communities formed and forming all over the world.  We are living at a special time in consciousness, and if you are reading these words, thank you for your participation to whatever degree your soul calls. May many more in our communities make BodyTalk and Somatic Embodiment Practices a part of their lives. And may I be of genuine support for all who choose to - whether exclusively for personal development or for embarking on the incredibly rewarding path as a practitioner yourself. Reach out if you feel called to work with me 1-on-1 and/or to have me come teach a BodyTalk Access workshop and/or a Somatic Embodiment workshop in your neighborhood.  Namaste